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About Us: Texas Car Loan Financing Made Simple

Our car loan process begins with an online car loan application that takes, on average,69 seconds to complete. All your private financial information is protected by secure servers and your personal information is never sold to third parties. Your car loan application is processed and screened in our central office and relayed to a loan advisor in your area.

We finance both new and used cars, but be advised we work only through dealerships, as that's the way 80 percent of all cars are sold in the U.S. today.

There are advantages for you in starting your car buying process this way. First, dealers like it -- we are handling all the verifications and details, so you'll get treated better when you show up on the lot. Dealers hate to go through all the work of showing off a car only to get hammered by a credit denial at the end.

Secondly, financial planning experts always advise people to find out how much car they can afford first. That's a total price, not a monthly payment, because any loan can be made to fit a monthly payment if the terms are stretched out long enough.

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